After effects in Insignia

There are currently three additional effects you can put into the image, viz.

lens1.jpg - 7Kb The lens flare effect is intended to simulate what happens with cameras when the picture is taken with the camera pointing in the general direction of the sun. Insignia/TextEffx allows you to vary the colour, intensity (via transparency again), and position of the effect. The three examples here show increasing amounts of lens flare added to the text. In this image the effect has been applied to only a small extent, giving a modest flare - must be an expensive lens!
lens2.jpg - 7Kb Here we have introduced more flare.
lens3.jpg - 7Kb This is the greatest amount of flare, and the end point has been moved further to the right compared with the two preceding examples.
snow1.jpg - 5Kb Changing the colour scheme to better show off the effects, we move on to snowflakes. Here we have set the shape to 4 pointed star, and 1 fall. The number of falls effectively set the total number of highlights.
snow2.jpg - 7Kb Now we have increased the falls to two, and are using 8-pointed stars. With all these snowflake effects the maximum size is adjustable (these are the largest here), although there is also a random size variation that can be set. You can see some flakes are larger than others.
snowblob.jpg - 4Kb Using blobs instead of stars, the size needs to be set quite small, otherwise the blobs take over the image. The size variations are evident, as well as the random colour variations, more noticeable than with the stars.
snowring.jpg - 5Kb The snowflakes are now rings, which again have to be set near the bottom end of the size range. In all these examples an opacity of 100% has been used for the effect, but this can be reduced right down to zero to lessen the intensity as necessary.
spangles.jpg - 6Kb The final effect is called spangles. These cover the whole image randomly, whereas the snowflakes tend to stick to the tops of the text. As before, the size, colour, number of spangles, and the random variations can be set to get the required effect.

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