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by Chris Johnson

All the software available from this page is StrongARM and RISC OS 4.02 and RISC OS Select (4.33) compliant.

All the files are archives, produced using David Pillings SparkFS, and may be extracted using SparkPlug, Spark, or SparkFS.

32-bit compatibility statement

NewsFix (for ANT Suite)
(Version 1.1, 10th April, 2002)

For the past couple of years, the ANT Suite has not been automatically trimming the size of the news history file. This file is where a record of all the news articles downloaded is kept. As the file grows, the most obvious effect is that it takes longer and longer to connect and start to fetch News, as the news fetcher works out which News articles on the server are "new".

One solution is to do the trimming by hand, by loading the news history file into a text editor, and deleting the oldest part before resaving. This becomes a chore, and is often forgotten. The alternative is to write a little utility to do this automatically.

Recently, this problem was raised yet again on the Inet maillist, so I decided to offer to members of that maillist a little program I wrote for myself. Having had no adverse comments, the time is ripe to offer the program to any users of the ANT Suite, and here it is.

You may download the following file, which is a zip archive. Instructions for use are included within the archive.

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